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National Food Safety Authority

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Training on the requirements of the National Food Safety Authority NFSA: Qualification towards
the food safety requirements of the National Food Safety Authority
The program includes:
• How to register with the National Food Safety Authority.
• Requirements of the National Food Safety Authority:
1- Health practices of workers
2- Training of employees
3- The location and the floors outside the production halls
4- Buildings and internal structures
5- Sources of ventilation
6- light sources
7- Toilets and changing areas
8- Pest control program
9- Water sources
10- Cleaning and disinfection
11- Receiving, checking and storing
12- Manufacturing
13- Accidental pollution and risk control
14- Transport and care of cars and containers
15- Waste disposal
16- Keeping documents
17- Receipt of non-food raw materials

18- Production and supervision of the manufacturing stages
• Stages of the National Food Safety Authority inspection visit (announced and unannounced
• After the commission’s visit, interpretation of the mission report’s observations, evaluation
and corrective measures.

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