National Food Safety Authority

NFSA Consulting: From the factory building plan to reaching the white list of the National Food Safety Authority.

Drawing up the building plans for the facility by specialized engineers and consultants to achieve food safety requirements and conditions.
• Follow up on construction and supervision works in accordance with the plans that were previously designed.
• Preparing the file of the food safety management system by specialized consultants and qualifying the facility to obtain a certificate of conformity with the system (ISO).
• Qualifying and training the administrative staff and workers in the facility to be able to activate the food safety management system in a professional manner.
• Obtaining a certificate of conformity to the food safety system from a granting body accredited by the Egyptian General Organization for Standardization and Quality, which is completely independent and impartial.
• Taking samples from the final product and raw materials and analyzing them in an accredited laboratory that holds ISO 17025 to ensure the effectiveness of the application of the system.
• Submitting an application for registration with the Egyptian National Food Safety Authority, and assistance in fulfilling food safety requirements and corrective measures necessary to enter the white list.

Food factories: vegetables and fruits - dairy and cheese - biscuits and chocolate - honey - tahini and halva - pickles - water, drinks and juices - grains and spices - meat and fish, Tourist, hotels, Restaurants

1- General site plan of the facility
2- Plan of the environment surrounding the facility
3- Layout diagram of the machines
4- Sewage and water scheme
5- A decorative scheme for the movement of the product
6- A decorative scheme for the movement of workers
7- Pest Control Trap Scheme
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